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A Toast to Love..


For this piece, I thought I'd honour a very special person in my life, their name is Love and they deserve all the admiration I'm about to give them. However, before I show them a little appreciation, I want you to pretend that I'm making the following speech during an intimate dinner at a fancy restaurant with Love as the guest and I, as the guest speaker. I'm taking a deep breath and I'm tapping my champagne glass lightly with a teaspoon to get everyone's attention & well because that's what people do when they make toasts right?

Any way, without further ado. I'll get the ball rolling.


Ladies and gentlemen, what I'm about to say may resonate with a lot of people, but it may mean jack shit to others, but you know what?  I'm just glad that you're all here. 

And as for you Love, I hope you enjoy what I'm about to declare here.


Dear Love..

After years of misfortunate attempts at finding you, I am proud to announce that I have found you and that I'm never letting you go.

I am so in love with you Love, that I want the whole world to know about you.

I want them to know how I met people disguised as you that made me cry myself to sleep because they treated me so dismally.

I want them to know how I've only read about you, heard about you from other people's mouths, and watched you in a chick flick or drama series.

I want them to know how I used to always think about how immoral you were because I would always hear about the appalling disrespect, infidelity and abuse that comes with being with you.

I used to think you were there to confuse us, demean us, hurt us and basically break us - it's almost as if you had gained the reputation of being unreliable, untrustworthy and unenjoyable.

But I also used to think about how some people would never give up on you no matter how many times you've confused, hurt, or broken them. I used to ask myself why people always went out looking for you even though you would hurt them - and now I know why...

Love, it's not you that confuses, hurts, and breaks us, it's people.

People are unreliable, people are untrustworthy and people can make life unenjoyable.

Love, you on the other hand are amazing in so many forms. You add meaning to my life, you burn a fire in my soul that continues to burn with each day that goes by, and you restore happiness and peace in my heart.


I will forever cherish and adore you because you mean everything to me Love.
Here's to spending forever with you & I pray that everyone reading this finds you ❤️.

Let's toast to Love.


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Posted on Sept. 2, 2020, 8:57 p.m.

It is I, Love

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